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About Jennifer

Jennifer Dente is a psychic medium, card reader, and a spiritual advisor who was born and raised in New Jersey. She is a mom to boy/girl twins and a step-mom to two boys. 


She is devoted to helping others know there is more after this life. She was raised catholic and is a very strong believer in God, saints, angels, and the afterlife. She only chooses to focus on the good. 


Unaware of her gifts Jennifer always knew something about her was different. She always felt she was meant to do more, be more, make a difference in some way. But she wasn't quite sure how to just yet.  She would always get a very strong feeling inside, one she could not explain.


She would know things about people, situations, and others feelings. Later she learned this was how she picked up information through her intuition from spirit and was another form of getting messages.


Jen's first memory of picking up energy was at 8 years old. Her first visit with a spirit was at age 16 years old from her uncle. When he appeared to her it was in a way were she felt. saw, and heard him and at that moment she truly knew there was more to this life. All Doubt was gone and in that moment she knew there was an afterlife.


He gave her that gift. This experience led her closer to God. 


Jen would start getting signs all the time from spirit and this was her own internal guidance in knowing she was not alone. It was later in life when Jen was 28 years old she lost her father. This is what set Jen on her true path. Her father appeared to her many times, sent so many signs that she tried so hard to make sense of it. She knew she had this ability but only thought she could communicate with her own deceased family. 


This lead her on a journey and she met a medium who helped Jen understand her gifts, help her see how spirit communicated and that there was so much more to this all. She opened up Jen's eyes to trusting herself and realizing this was her gift, her calling and she is meant to help others.


Opening up to the world of spirit has shown me they communicate in many ways. They always want to talk to us, help up, and guide us. 


Once she realized all of this there was no stopping her explore everything she had inside of her. Jen started to learn to listen and trust her intuition which led her into the world of cards. She uses the cards as another way for spirit to help guide us. She was blessed with this gift from God to help bring peace, comfort, guidance, support, and just the knowing that we are never alone to anyone she helps. She loves to use her gifts to help others in any way she can. Spirit is so amazing and they are truly always around guiding us, listening to us and trying to get our attention. All we have to do is be open. Jennifer is a vessel for communicating with spirt and they are just a thought away. 

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