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*Payment must be made before the reading takes place*

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Psychic Mediumship Readings

This is a 30 minutes session and consists of communicating with spirit. This is an individual session to connect with your loved ones.

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 Card Readings
(Guidance readings)

This is a 30 minute session and consists of guidance to clients questions. This can be anything the client may need regarding to their life.  

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Combination Card/
Mediumship Readings

A 45 minute session which consists of both connecting to spirit and guidance on what the client may want to know or need to hear.

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Group Readings

Events can be open readings or closed readings (Guidance readings)

This is when there is more than one person in a room.  (Depending on size in an open group not everyone is guaranteed to hear from spirit but I do my best to give my all) In a closed group reading, each person will get a one on one.

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$100.00 Per Person

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Emergency Readings

Jennifer is booked in advance yet offers emergency sessions to clients who are in an immediate need

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